Weathermaster Awnings

The Weathermaster range of quality awnings combine fashion and practicality to protect you and your home from the harshest of climate conditions. Awnings are the ideal way to keep the sun and heat at bay, providing protection from damaging UV rays while extending your indoor / outdoor living areas.

Choose from a variety of styles and applications, awnings aren't just designed for windows - they can shelter doorways, patios, BBQ areas, outdoor living areas - on ground level or upper storeys.


Heavy-duty folding arm awnings designed to master a range of conditions and situations for years to come.


The ultimate addition to your home to get the most out of your indoor / outdoor living areas. The lateral folding arms simply extent out to provide a retractable shade that is ideal for large patios, terraces and decks. These folding arms support the awning without the need for intrusive posts or beams to spoil your view or your enjoyment of outdoor living areas. The arms are spring loaded to ensure that the correct tension is applied to the fabric to give smooth aesthetically pleasing appearance in your choice from a large range of fabrics and fashion colours.



An innovative awning to make the most of your outdoor living areas. With a width of up to 5 metres, the Weathermaster Pergola awning is the ideal awning for pergolas, conservatories, or any overhead glazing situation. The Pergola has full remote control and is totally retractable with easy operation to any setting from closed to fully open.


Featuring new generation sunscreen fabrics Patio awnings allow the flow of natural light and ventilation while reducing the impact of heat, glare and UV rays by up to 95% and you can still enjoy the view even when the Patio awning is down.

Enjoy alfresco dining and relaxing whatever the weather. This innovative awning lets you make indoor - outdoor areas shaded and dry. It's particularly great for adding value to an existing pergola frame.



Extend your outdoor lifestyle with one touch of a button; the Weathermaster Ultimo awning extends to put an attractive shade barrier between you and New Zealand’s harsh ultraviolet rays.

One touch of a button will extend your outdoor lifestyle, the Weathermaster Ultimo Awning extends to put an attractive shade barrier between you and the harsh ultraviolet rays. Custom made to suit your area.

  • Custom-made for your property
  • From 2.5 to 7 metres wide
  • Range of projection: 2m, 2.5m, 3m or 3.5m
  • Automated operation with remote or wall switch
  • Extensive range of fabric colours
  • Heavy-duty folding arms
  • Full cassette housing protects awning from the elements



Swedish designed Awnings that will outperform anything you've seen before.

Weathermaster’s worldwide search for the best solutions for New Zealand conditions brings you a range of innovative heavy-duty awnings that deliver unparalleled functionality.

With five styles to choose from, spanning widths up to seven metres and offering a massive four-metre depth, they are perfect for decks, balconies, shops, restaurants and more.

The Kona folding-arm range of awnings has been engineered to meet stringent quality standards, whether you choose the Semi-Cassette style with it’s stylishly clean facia or the unique Cross-over style for maximum projection from the narrowest of awnings. Plus the entire range benefits from thorough wind performance testing to meet European 13651 wind classification standards.

Dickson® Orchestra is the awning and marine fabric of choice when it comes to solar protection, guaranteeing excellent, long-term protection against UV rays, heat, glare and inclement weather.

Ease of Installation
Kona offers fixtures and fittings for a wide variety of installations. Your awning can be fixed onto a wall, under the eaves or by using flexible roof brackets.

Stability and strength
The Dyneema-tape connection used over the knee and arm brackets on Kona awnings is 15 times stronger than steel and 40% stronger than aramids on a weight-for-weigh basis. Plus it’s UV, chemical and moisture resistant to provide a durable and yet lightweight material that further improves the stability and tension provided by the awning’s heavy-duty springs.

Awning coverage
The robust retractable arms on a Kona awning allow for maximum spans of seven metres in width and are capable of projecting up to four metres out from the building. This very generous coverage requires no posts or other structures for support thereby maximising your freedom to enjoy the cover provided and ensuring that the awning presents a clearer visual appearance.

Modes of operation
The Kona Awning Series are easy to operate - choose between crank control or motorisation.

  • Crank control: A manual crank control will easily project and retract awnings up to 7000mm, but larger awnings will benefit from motorised operation due to the weight of the awning.
  • Motorisation: Operate your awning with the touch of a button using either a hard-wired or remote control, and for complete automation consider the convenience of incorporating sun and wind sensors.

The Kona Awning Series is backed by a 5 Year Warranty.

Optional Extras

Roller valance

Add an additional screening fabric to your awning, which is easily operated by a crank handle and stores away when not in use. Not available with Kona Classic or Semi-Cassette. 

Roller valance
Pitch control
Kona Classic, Design, Rise and Semi-Cassette awnings have an optional adjustment function that allows you to vary the pitch of the awning from -5˚ to -40˚ to better control shade.

Pitch control

Telescopic arm

A telescopic pole can be used in windy conditions to stabilise the front bar, increasing your awning’s wind resistance and extending its life. These poles are collapsible for easy storage.

Telescopic arm

Rain hood

An optional rain hood is a stylish accessory  that will provide improved fabric protection  from the elements and extend the life of your awning’s fabric.

Rain hood

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